Hyperparameter Optimization with Comet.ml

Data science workflow management tool & collaboration hub

Reader level: Introductory Introduction to Comet.ml Comet.ml is an API-driven framework for workflow management in Machine learning and Data Science experiments. Comet’s hyperparameter optimization is roughly based on the Advisor hyperparameter black box optimization tool. It allows you to add API calls from your code to perform optimization on a selected set of hyperparameters using Comet’s cloud service. This requires that you install the comet python package ‘comet_ml’. [Read More]


An overview of Automated Machine Learning

Reader level: Intermediate Disclaimer: This post is work in progress and will be updated periodically. This is not meant to a comprehensive overview of the topic, but more of an introduction to AutoML, some tools and techniques. Overview Finding a model that works for a specific problem or a class of problems can be a time-consuming task. Usually, an engineer or a scientist determines what model class to use either based on his prior knowledge of the problem at hand or by evaluating several models and picking the best one. [Read More]