Using RQ for scheduling tasks

RQ and remote scheduling

Reader level: Introductory RQ can be used to set up queues for executing long-running tasks on local or remote machines. Some steps on how to install and get started with RQ are listed below. Installation Create a virtual environment and we will have to install the following components: Redis-server RQ RQ-scheduler Install Redis using the following wget tar xvzf redis-stable.tar.gz cd redis-stable make Run ‘make test’ to make sure things are working properly, followed by ‘sudo make install’ to complete the installation. [Read More]

Virtual environments for Anaconda Python

Useful conda commands

Installation using Conda To create a conda environment named ‘myenv’: conda create --name myenv To create an environment from a file ‘test.yml’: conda env create -f test.yml The environment name comes from the line ‘name: tag’ inside the ‘test.yml’ file. To create a named environment from a file ‘test.yml’: conda env create -f test.yml -n pytorch To create an environment from the base environment: conda create --name myenv --clone base To remove an environment named ‘envname’: [Read More]