Backup of Gitlab repositories

Reproducible Git

If you ever had to download or backup your Gitlab repositories, you would probably have to do that manually for every repository you own. As of this writing, I had 54 and that was not my idea of a lazy afternoon. So I used the Gitlab API and with the help of Gitlab ‘Private Token’ setup this Python script to do the job for me. import requests import json import os def get_repo(repo): os. [Read More]

Continuous Integration for Research Computing

Best Practices for Research

Reader level: Beginner Continuous Integration Continuous Integration (CI) is the process of systematic code testing to ensure that changes made to a codebase do not break existing functionality. Although, firming entrenched into the software development lifecycle research projects rarely takes advantage of this important step. While this may be overkill for single-owner projects that are relatively small, any collaborative project of a reasonable size needs regular testing to avoid absolute pandemonium. [Read More]